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The world of solar is an exciting and thrilling concept. Just imagine…. Once upon a time ago we as kids were told emphatically… MONEY DOESN’T GROW ON TREES!!

The nature we’ve found accelerated growth through the industrial revolution hailing back to the time fire was discovered has been based on burning plant matter. Little Creedence was given to that shiny bright orb in the sky. ASIDE, from illuminating our path on the way to progress and evolution as a species. 

In many ways, the first fire that graced us a people in ancient times was an attempt at emulating that burning ball of gas above. Without running the risk of sounding like an unrequited history lesson, we are at a crossroads of growth in production and capturing energy, which keeps us going every day.

Solar has gotten cheaper and with that so has the arrival of every company under the sun staking themselves in the rat race. So just who do you trust or look to for transparent pricing….

Enter US SOLAR SUPPLIER… Your one-stop-shop for a side-by-side comparison of all products we could get under our umbrella… We’re here to simplify the often convoluted but promising renewable leap in energy production Worldwide.

Whether you’re a free spirit outfitting your tiny house or RV and chasing those Hippy vibes of the 70s on the road, on the beach with a swing of your Sprinter and sand separating your toes.  

Perhaps it is you!

The Suburban or Farmhouse single, family or retired lifestyle and you want to look good and feel good about a contribution to reducing the footprint of your living while also saving some dollars for that next outing whether its soccer practice or a glass of wine.

Maybe you’re the doting yet business savvy landlord trying to increase rent rolls while also allowing your tenants the breathing to not have to worry about utility bills that ebb and flow at the snap of fingers at the board room for the sake of a few extra pennies per K/W hour.

Everyone knows that a thriving yet challenging part of running a thriving business big or small is the cost of utilities… THOSE 24-foot-tall ceilings in the warehouse/Factory/Grocery don’t heat or cool themselves.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get some JUICY TAX credits while also being able to brand yourself as being uber green thereby capturing more traffic from people who snoot their nose at not being green!!!

LAST BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST……. LOCAL, MUNICIPAL, CITY, STATE, FEDERAL, AND NATIONAL OBLIGATIONS TO REDUCE THE FOOTPRINT ACROSS THE WORLD… Not raiding our world for Petrol based dead plant matter to burn thereby enriching the pockets of petrol dictators and oligarchs allows us to democratize the power which is the sun and our earth and put that money back on projects which enrich our planet and more importantly the broader species of Humans and all of our co-existing animals, plants and Mother GAIA herself.

So, I leave you to stew…. Wouldn’t you GO GREEN… Save Money…. AND SAVE THE WORLD!!!

Our Passion
The interests of our customers are always a top priority for us, so we hope you will enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them available to you.

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